Lynette's Favorite Web Sites

Authentic Enneagram

Provides authoritative, reliable, and practical information including the Essential Enneagram book, Tour of the Types in the oral or narrative tradition and the Interactive Matrix of All the Types.


Tom Condon's site offers articles, movie reviews, and excellent books and tapes on the Enneagram and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Be sure to check this one out. His audiotape set, Easy In Your Harness is an excellent resource for beginning to advanced Enneagram enthusiasts.

Enneagram Monthly

The only independent Enneagram journal and the largest publication in the field. Includes articles, interviews with well-known teachers and thinkers in the field, news, book/movie/course reviews, teaching schedules.


EnneaMotion by Andrea Isaacs, editor and publisher of the Enneagram Monthly. EnneaMotion uses an experiential process that helps us explore the connection between movement and inner feeling and thinking states. I've not had a chance to experience Enneamotion for myself, but hope to very soon. Many trusted friends and colleagues have recommended this process highly.

Nine Ways of Working

Michael Goldberg

The International Enneagram Association (IEA)

This non-profit organization states that its mission and vision is to promote the highest human values through the insights of the Enneagram.

International Enneagram Professional Training Program


Lynette Sheppard & Associates

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