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About Lynette Sheppard

  Lynette Sheppard, RN, CHT has been a student and teacher of the Enneagram for 10 years, teaching across the US and Canada. Her unique presentation style combines video clips and experiential exercises to illuminate personality. We learn to laugh at ourselves while gaining insight and compassion into our own and others motivations and behavior.

Lynette is certified to teach the Enneagram in the Oral Tradition by Helen Palmer. Her Enneagram type is Seven with a Six wing. Subtype: Relational or sexual (1:1) She divides her time between Northern California and Moloka'i, Hawaii.

Lynette shared a bit of her personal connection to the Enneagram in the Enneagram Monthly issue entitled Who's Who in the Enneagram World, (October, 1996) :

I never set out to become a teacher of the Enneagram. At a very difficult crossroads in my life, this ancient wisdom came to me via my friend and associate, Cathie Haynes. Though I'd explored various mystical traditions throughout my life (like a good Seven), nothing struck me with as much power and practicality as the Enneagram. Ultimately, it became my life's work and I certified in the Oral Tradition with Helen Palmer. I've taught the Enneagram for nearly a decade to groups as varied as professional speakers, child therapists, and military wives. I've had the privilege of working with businesses to illuminate personal diversity and corporate culture. The classes closest to my heart explore the spiritual aspects of the Enneagram. Most recent was a workshop at Hollyhock Retreat Center in Canada on the "Enneagram as a Pathway to Essence", cofacilitated with Debra Olsen. Every teacher of the Enneagram brings his/her unique contribution to the sacred map. However, the true treasures of the Enneagram can best be found by inquiry, through the Oral Tradition, of the people who inhabit the nine points. They are living repositories of the knowledge that will lead us back to Essence.


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